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Robert Russell speaks about his faith:

As some future readers or just surfers will now have gathered, I am a born-again Christian.

As a Christian I love Jesus, I do not do religion as this is not in my view what being a Christian is about. One of the goals that I aim for as a born-again Christian is to try and be like Jesus in all my ways. To strive, to live my life, in the most Godly way that I can, If you have read my book The Right Way you will know that I have had a life with drink, married women, on the wrong side of the law, and just plain crazy in some of the things that I have done. Mild compared to a lot of people, but nevertheless wrong.

I know that if Jesus was not my reason for living now, I would most certainly still be involved in many if not all of the things that I had been tangled up in during my earlier life and probably worse.

Coming to know the Lord is only the first step, and believe me being a Christian is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It takes commitment, it takes courage, it takes an open mind and it takes a strong desire to want something that you cannot see, smell or touch. It takes Faith.

The Bible tells us that Faith is things hoped for but not seen, this is so very true. Also if you don’t pray to God and ask for the things you need, you won’t get them. He is not into the mind-reading business or guessing games, although He knows what you are thinking about at any given time and always knows your next move. God just wants you to ask of Him by way of prayer, and then you will receive.

This does not mean that He will tell you the winner of the next race at Sandown or what numbers to pick for the lottery, although He could if that was part of His plan for your life. He will give us all our needs, but He will not give us our wants. One of the desires of my heart was to find a new wife and be happy because I wanted to be happy and I did not want to be alone for the rest of my life. I wanted to share it with someone, but I wanted someone that would love me for what I am. And as is stated in my book He did bring me a bride, and she was all that I wanted.

Now the astute reader will see that there are a lot of wants in that last paragraph, yes there are. Surely this makes the Bible contradictory? No, it does not, because the Bible says that God will give us the desires of our heart, and God can see the heart. The Bible also tells us that man was not meant to live alone, so God would not withhold from us something that He desires for us.

I get things in my spiritual life wrong many times, because I am human, and God gave human beings free will. Sometimes we exercise that free will without even thinking of the consequences. But no matter how often I get it wrong God will always be THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF MY LIFE. My wife knows that I will always put God before her, and I know that she will always put God before me, and I would not want it or have it any other way. For God knows my life, far better than I do, He knows what is good for me, and He will always guide me if I allow Him to.

As I said earlier it is not easy, in fact it is the hardest thing that I have ever done, but hey, no one ever said that being a Christian was easy.

When you first become a Christian, that means inviting God to live within your heart and show you the right way to live not the wrong way. One of the first things that you will notice is that you feel different.  You will notice that you begin to think differently.  You will notice that you want different things and want to shed some of the things that you have. It is not the same for everyone, but everyone can have the same. God promises to renew our hearts and minds, so our thought process becomes cleaner and therefore our tongue becomes cleaner.

One of the things that I have always been good at is writing poetry, although this was not really tapped into until recently when God told me to write the book. I have written poems in the past but I found that God had opened up this gift and the poems would just flow. My first book of poems is ready for the publishers and I hope to be able to have this ready for a New Year release. Most of them are of a spiritual nature, many are about love, some are quite explicit about love and aspects of it, but they are not written with lust or crudeness within my heart and therefore I feel that they come across as deeply sensual and caring. Read the Song of Solomon and you will know exactly what I mean.

Those that might read some just to see what they say may well think that they are exactly what I say they are not, but just remember one thing. God created sex, and He created the sexual organs of the male and the female, and if it is good enough for God to create something like that then it has to be beyond belief, and it is therefore a wonderful thing to be able to talk about God’s handiwork even if it is in the form of poetry. Many people think that anyone who believes in God must have a screw loose. Well I can only say don’t knock it until you have tried it.


    The first book in the new Belief Books series is Robert O Russell's autobiography, 'The Right Way', written to help others. Further works of fiction and poetry, all of a spiritual nature, are to be published early in 2012 and beyond, in print and e-book format. Robert has no doubt that the power of the Lord will use all his books, placed by God within his heart, to help others to be healed and/or come to know the Lord.
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