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Hi all,

Sorry there was no blog last week, but things were a little bit manic as you will be able to see considering the details below, as well as the fact that I in fact wrote up my blog and whoops, I pressed the wrong button and deleted it by accident! I was too tired to start all over again and I just have not had a chance to re-write it until now.

Have I got news for….my followers.

Yesterday, saw the culmination of nine months hard work, prayer and great wonder. Now if you have been on twitter or Facebook you may already know the answer, if not, read on.

Little Louis, well! I say little 10lb 4ozs not exactly little came into the world at 1:19 pm on Friday 9th March 2012. Perfectly healthy, all parts working and in the correct place. I give praise and thanks to God for this wonderful miracle that has been born into His kingdom here on earth.

Big brother little brother  on the night of the birth

        Why is it that some people see it as their right to abuse such treasured gifts from God, a gift that is made in His own image. I weep in my heart when I hear or read stories of such atrocities, such things could only be in us from the prince of darkness, satan. If you read last weeks blog you will know that this is something that touches me deeply. These young children are at our mercy purely because they cannot defend themselves, we must do all we can to protect them at all cost, they are after all God’s children.
‘The Right Way’ general chit-chat.
Q: How do I know that God told me to write the book?
A: I know because God laid it on my heart.
Q: What do you mean you had it placed on your heart?
A: When God speaks to you He speaks to the heart.
Q: Why does He speak to the heart, why not just normally?
A: Because the heart is the complete fullness of us. How we are in our ways, the way we act is how we are in our hearts. (Proverbs 27:19)
Q:How do you know when God has spoken to your heart?
A: I cannot say it is the same for every body, but for me it is a knowing within my heart and my spirit that God has spoken to me.
          For me, I know that when God has laid something on my heart, I have to obey. It might be to write a book, to apologise to someone who I have been unkind to and such things. God may ask you to make things right because he wants to be able to move in your life but cannot because there is a bitterness there which needs to be healed (chapter 6 page 83 of my book ‘The Right Way’).
          Naturally, you don’t have to obey God because He gave us free will but if you love Him and worship Him, you will instinctively want to honour Him by obeying what He has placed within you.
          When God laid it on my heart about writing the book, I actually felt a sense of conviction, but at the same time, I thought within my spirit, ‘you must be joking!’ There were more words placed within me and I just knew that if God gave me the idea or thought, then He would enable me to do so. God said, ‘I have not taken you on this life journey for no reason’. I knew without any doubt that God was serious about the book. I however, protested in my spirit by saying, ‘but I don’t know how to write  a book’. There was no answer to this retort because God already had a plan, which was waiting to be put into action.
          I started straight away fumbling about how I would start the book. I did not know what to say but I tried and God could see the sincerity in my heart and the wisdom and knowledge required just came to me. Before I started to write the book, all I knew about computers was how to turn them on, play solitaire, surf a little bit, work the printer and of course, I was pretty good at blowing PC’s up, not literally, just causing them to break down.
          I needed to be fairly adept with a PC and I asked God to show me how. Every time I got stuck and did not know what to do, it was as though there was an inbuilt manual inside of me. I would fumble for a while and then, hey presto! I suddenly knew what to do!
          It was one of the most exciting and time-consuming projects that I have ever embarked on. I had no idea how long it would take to complete but the manuscript was completed within eighteen months, including re-writes. I felt pretty chuffed with myself and with good reason, as it is no mean feat writing a book. I had to relive parts of my life that I did not relish, but I thank God for the wonderful lady He had brought into my life.
          My girlfriend Suzetta as she was then, many times cradled me in her arms and allowed the tears to flow and there were many. Through all the tears though and the writing God has totally healed me in all ways. I suppose you could say that I am a restored work in progress.
          God is so good. I would probably have disappointed my earthly father through my unrighteous behaviour, which would’ve alienated us from each other but God just stays there with us, encouraging us. When the time is right, He puts us back on our feet and builds us up again to an even greater level. His love is never-ending and never-failing.
          I have been very humbled by the fact that God told me to write the book, and my life has been changed totally in all ways for the better.
That about wraps it up for this week, so have a good one and God Bless till we meet again.
Meanwhile, stay good – you know you should, and if you try you know you could.
Blessings, Robert
P.S. Check out the new poets page, new poems coming on most weeks.

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