The Cross

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Hello everyone, 

And a very happy and blessed Easter to you all.

This week we will divert from my book, to look at the most prolific, awesome and selfless act ever known to this world, even though not believed by many.
The Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. In my opinion, this was an act of total selflessness on two counts. Firstly by our Heavenly Father who gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins on that cross.
Let’s look at this for a moment. Would you or I ever contemplate allowing our own son to be whipped, spat at, ridiculed and nailed to a cross, just so that other people’s sins could be forgiven. You can bet your life we would not.

So then in that case why would we not….
Simply because we do not have the capacity to love with the depth that God can. His love is totally and utterly immeasurable because He is the one and only one, meaning that there is no one that can come close to the magnificent and all-powerful God that He is.
His Son, given for the forgiveness of our sins and our chance to have everlasting life.  Jesus lived on this earth with us for thirty-three years. Towards the end of this time, Jesus knew what He had to do. However what could have happened if Jesus had decided to say He was not going to give Himself to die for His fellow-man. Where would we be today. There would be no forgiveness of sins for a start, then there is the distinct possibility that over the centuries since Jesus, the church would have just drifted away because people were just not interested. Can you imagine what life would actually be like today if that had happened. Lawlessness would be worldwide to a far greater degree than it is today I would think, satan would possibly be trying to assert himself as some sort of King on earth, and because of our total lack of wisdom we would naturally see him as some sort of saviour and follow him.
Boy oh boy, just writing this I can feel the heat of hell around me, and have to take a deep breath and give thanks to the Lord for His act of love. We may be blinded by the heat of hell so that we just cannot see what we have been led into, there would be no way back just because there would be nowhere to go, hell in a hand basket I suppose. I am actually sitting at my desk pondering over what it could be like, terrible.
Fortunately for us, Jesus had no choice because He was given to womb of the virgin Mary  for one purpose and one purpose only. The redemption of man, the forgiveness of sins and eternal life, to put it into one word it is to be ‘SAVED.’
In my home town of Gravesend in the UK we were privileged to have a pageant staged in our town by the drama group from the church that I attend.
City Praise Centre alongside other churches from our town of Gravesend did the community proud. The act of the beating of Jesus during his judgement and afterwards was amazing and very realistic. Hearts were heavy all over the community square for what Jesus had to endure on our behalf. But praise God that He did endure it and did not say no.
Because of the selfless act of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ we can now look at the cross and see that he was resurrected, because the cross is empty for He is risen. They say that it is possible to do something too much, but where God  is concerned it can never be too much so I am going to attach a poem which I put on the website a few days ago.

He is Risen
Oh how I weep at your feet Lord. Oh mighty Lord, Son of the living God, your tears I feel as they fall onto my shoulders then mingle with this royal blood at my feet. How could they crucify you in this way, my heart truly wretched at the sight to mine eyes of this travesty to thy flesh? I feel the pain oh Lord, the biting of the nails as hammered through your still living hands.                                But for when did mans sin become so obnoxious, that this to your Son oh God should be.
I feel unworthy to look onward to your blood stained flesh, but weep  uncontrollably as I do. 
Your body totally stripped of joined flesh; a fish net has fewer holes than thee.
Your time upon this cross is of many hours by nine no less I count.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Your last breath I hear intake, Eloi, Eloi, lama Sabachthani?  As my Lord did last expel.
My heart doth sink for I know not of what is to come. Oh Heavenly Father the living God of all creation, I beseech thee Oh holy one. Oh knit together this flesh oh God, for the time of miracles is of earnest due.
I rise aplomb to sight of body no more; I cried from whence did this sad array of flesh be gone.
Alas I grieve my savior Lord no more before me. My body outstretched on dusty ground wracked with pain from the expulsion of tears of mine, I slumber two plus nights.                                                                                                                                                               Awakened in the dawn of morn by the soft voice and touch of mighty hands, I am awakened to the glory of resurrection. Thy hands are proof enough oh Son of God. I shout with cries of loud acclamation, HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED.
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani interpreted as My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
Mark 15:34  Taken from the rainbow study bible. New International Version.

R. O. R.

© January 2011

That’s it for this week, enjoy the Bank Holiday.

Meanwhile, be good – you know you should, and if you tried you know you could.

Another week with blessings

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Nice to see you here again, thank you for continually dropping in for a catch up. Now I wonder which one you are waiting to hear about first, the shower or the poem. If I was in your shoes I would really like to read the poem first, that’s why I will tell you about the shower. Is that a Grrrr I can hear, all good things come to those who wait.

Ok! I will recap a few words just to refresh the area where beer cannot reach.

It is not unusual for me to talk to the Lord when in the shower, and often also where the Lord may lay something on my heart.

Why the shower? Well, it is to do with the water. Running waters have a very spiritual significance, and personally I have always found that I feel more at one with God when under running water than anywhere else. I feel His very presence on many occasions. It was in the shower that I learnt to be very careful what I ask God for even in jest. Water is pure (normally) and when I have a great time with the Lord I can come out of the shower on a spiritual high. Water is cleansing and I feel that I am washed clean not just bodily but spiritually as well. I was once given a vision that became a poem, where I was sitting beside Jesus at a pool in a heavenly garden and we were holding hands and just talking. Close by was a waterfall and the peace abounding due to the cascading water was amazing. This still holds for me when I am in the shower, and I have no reason to believe that it will ever change.

Now you know the significance of water for me in the shower.

A Poem from God

A poem that God gave to me the day after my mother’s funeral, had such an impact on me and my life to come. It is fairly common knowledge that when we lose a loved one whom we hold dear, it can take many years, normally about three, for us to progress through the grieving process to the point where we can fully accept the loss and move on without any feelings of guilt, remorse or other as this is a process which is different for many of us. This poem for me was powerful, as through it, God allowed me to do a complete grieving process from start to finish, I don’t know why but all tears, sadness, loss, regret etc, were replaced by joy as He allowed me to see and understand that my mother’s death was not pointless, and that it was the next step to eternal life, for which all Christians strive. I also felt and still feel that God knows I will follow what I feel He has placed on my heart, and use the poem and experience for the benefit of others who may be suffering in some way, where this account may bring them comfort at a much-needed time in their lives. Put together with the vision that I had in the shower which I spoke about last week, I would say without a doubt that this is the most profound experience that I have had for myself from God.

Here is the poem that was given to me by God.

With Jesus (Given by God at death)

Clouded eyes although they are green,

Most wonderful send off I have ever seen,

Flowers not many you said in your bed,

I do love them now but no good when I’m dead,

We honoured your wish and flowers were few,

Just two on the coffin as I sat in my pew,

The service was short both loving and kind,

To honour a life you have left behind.

A lady of honour and passion and pride,

Backbone of her life she did never hide,

It was Father God in heaven above,

That lived in her body that radiated such love.

At peace with no pain she does rest at last,

A life of great love that’s finished and passed,

But this is not true for her love does live on,

It’s seen in her children sons Robert and John.

Pillars of strength they got from their mother,

Something few people now give to each other,

We’ll honour your life which was solid and true,

We’ll tell other people that Jesus loved you.

We’ll tell them he’s everywhere and with them right now,

That their life is His and He’ll touch it and how,

Just call out to Jesus as our mum had done,

And live life to the full and a glorious one.

Dear mum you are gone but you rest in our heart,

Memories to treasure and never depart,

But we’ll see you again with our Father and Lord

You stayed the full course of that we applaud.

Your spirit now resting in a casket above,

Surrounded in glory and covered in love,

With millions of others that Jesus did show,

‘You’ll see her again son’  ‘Yes Jesus I know.’

Once, twice, three times a lady,

When I hear that song it will send my head crazy,

Now your body is buried but your soul is not dead,

So I’ll look up and smile as I strive on ahead.

Well that is the poem and yes it did bring a tear to my eye, but then again at times so does a thought of my father who has been dead for fifty-seven years. Tears are all part of healing anyway so if you shed a tear or two when reading this poem just maybe God is allowing you to heal in some area of your life.

This week has been good, for one thing I had three days without work, being self-employed it happens at times. God however has used it to bless me in different ways. The best was on Saturday morning, I woke up and just knew that Jesus had touched me while I slept. I may not know how or what the blessing was, but I felt good, I felt really alive and I just had to share on twitter that I loved Jesus. It was without a doubt the most beautiful way to start any day. Thank you Lord for your never-ending love and for being my Dad. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing what they are we may never know. Whichever way they come to you is it not wonderful when you realise that you have been blessed by the highest possible power in the land, universe, and stratosphere. Awesome, impacting, life changing and absolutely wonderful.

Next week, I will start to enlarge on areas of my first book “The Right Way’ see relevant page. so that you may gain a fuller picture on aspects of my life that have been spoken about.

Meanwhile, stay good – you know you should, and if you tried you know you could.

God Bless


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