“Place of Rest”

Rivers and streams appealing barley amidst doth sway,
my soul no longer searching for a place of rest.
God is here, the calmness of the air as I stand by the stream
my eyes feasting on the views of the meadows beyond.
Oh wondrous God of love,
how thy hand performed
to create such beauty.
I stop a while gathering water from the stream
to refresh my tight facial skin from dusty air.
Then I see a rock protruding but not to high,
I look towards the Lord and wink then I sigh.
My back fits snugly in the hollowed rock I found,
my feet stretched and laid upon the ground.
My soul no longer searching for a place of rest,
my eyes closed I rest my head upon His breast.

ROR  © 2012


    The first book in the new Belief Books series is Robert O Russell's autobiography, 'The Right Way', written to help others. Further works of fiction and poetry, all of a spiritual nature, are to be published early in 2012 and beyond, in print and e-book format. Robert has no doubt that the power of the Lord will use all his books, placed by God within his heart, to help others to be healed and/or come to know the Lord.
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