“Higher Yes Higher”

Up and up I soar so high
I could touch my Jesus in the sky,
My faith is great it’s true and strong,
and then complacency does come along,
Down I go, the enemy is in,
I bounce along the edge of sin,
Dipping in and dipping out
life’s giving me a nasty clout.
But not for long and stakes are high,
I’ll reach my father in the sky,
For He’s the one, the one for all,
the enemy will be my footstool,
I know these things it’s my belief,
when I pray to God I get relief,
I’m bolstered up, I love Him more,
there’s lots for me He has in store,
Even then I’m in and then I’m out,
I say “behind me, Satan!” with a shout.
You stay down there in the depths of sod
where you could never be my God,
You’ll burn in hell and scream with rage,
no room for you on my Fathers stage,
His will is good but yours is bad,
you only make His children sad,
For me Satan you will not control
my Fathers grace is my only goal,
His love and grace within my heart
to always be and not depart.

 ROR  © 2012


    The first book in the new Belief Books series is Robert O Russell's autobiography, 'The Right Way', written to help others. Further works of fiction and poetry, all of a spiritual nature, are to be published early in 2012 and beyond, in print and e-book format. Robert has no doubt that the power of the Lord will use all his books, placed by God within his heart, to help others to be healed and/or come to know the Lord.
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