“He is Risen”

Oh how I weep at your feet Lord. Oh mighty Lord, Son of the living God, your tears I feel as they fall onto my shoulders then mingle with this royal blood at my feet.
How could they crucify you in this way, my heart truly wretched at the sight to mine eyes of this travesty to thy flesh?                                                                                                
I feel the pain oh Lord, the biting of the nails as hammered through your still living hands.
But for when did mans sin become so obnoxious, that this to your Son oh God should be.
I feel unworthy to look onward to your blood stained flesh, but weep un-controllably as I do.
Your body totally stripped of joined flesh; a fish net has fewer holes than thee.
Your time upon this cross is of many hours by nine no less I count.
Your last breath I hear intake, Eloi, Eloi, lama Sabachthani?  As my Lord did last expel.
My heart doth sink for I know not of what is to come.
Oh Heavenly Father the living God of all creation, I beseech thee Oh holy one.
Oh knit together this flesh oh God, for the time of miracles is of earnest due.
I rise aplomb to sight of body no more; I cried from whence did this sad array of flesh be gone.                                                                  
Alas I grieve my savior Lord no more before me.                                                   
My body outstretched on dusty ground wracked with pain from the expulsion of tears of mine, I slumber two plus nights.                                                                                         
Awakened in the dawn of morn by the soft voice and touch of mighty hands, I am awakened to the glory of resurrection.
Thy hands are proof enough oh Son of God. I shout with cries of loud acclamation, HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED.
 R. O. R.
 © January 2011

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