Side tracking but still going ‘The Right Way’

April 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

‘Oh my gosh’.

This week has been a very powerful and awe-inspiring week.
At our church we are doing 40 Days of Purpose, using the book ‘The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren
Pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. It is an extremely powerful book if any individual is prepared to open their heart to what God wants for them.

Personally, although I have always loved Jesus, I was not a practicing Christian for forty years. During this time I was always aware of God and what He thought about me and the things and situations that I got myself into.

Being involved in this six-week course, although just in the first week, has already shown me that what I have already learnt from the book and had my eyes opened to was already instilled within me. The only reason I did not realise this was because my eyes were closed to it and also my ears. However, my heart was still with the Lord, and I had learnt a lot about how I should allow my life to be organised by God without even knowing it. Rick Warren tells on the very first page of his book that God had planned the moment that I picked up the book to start the course.

In Ephesians 1:11 we can read that it is in Christ that we find out who we are, and what we are living for.

It struck me on that first page, that God knew before He created the world that I would read this book, do this six-week course and be touched by the fact that He chose me because He knew I would honour Him, Love Him and glorify Him. At this time my own great great-grandfathers great great-grandfather had not even been born. How special does that make me feel. For God to want me Robert Russell to worship Him in all my ways truly is an exceptional honour. For God is the ‘King of Kings’, ‘Lord of Lords’, the ‘I am’ the ‘Alfa and Omega’ He chose me Just as He chose you. Why would I not want to worship Him in all my ways, glorify Him in all my ways, consult Him in everything I do, and Love Him unconditionally.

Page nine is headed ‘A Journey With Purpose’, I am not even looking at the first chapter yet, just a page that tells me how to get the best from this book. But God had already pre-wired me with a predetermined time, after Rick Warren had written the book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. God knew that the book would awaken within me something that He had put there before the creation of the world.

Within the Forty Days of Purpose course, small focus groups have been set up. I myself attend two because I knew before we started the course that I just had to get this teaching rooted deep within me. Both of the sessions that I have now attended once, have been so powerful in their own way and I have no reason to believe that the power  within the groups will not grow and grow and grow. Getting to know others that you have seen around for many years but not really spoken to is in itself a wonderful experience, and the subjects that come up within the focus group are a learning curve for many I am sure.

This morning 29th April 2012 saw our first church service while the course has been going. The worship was taken to another level, by our wonderful worship team, and the congregation was so on fire as was our Pastor as always. Truly the Holy Spirit was there as there was a sweet scent in the air.

This may seem a little far-fetched and beyond understanding for many, but there will also be many of you in Gods kingdom and some that do not know him yet, that will also understand this completely. I give praise and thanks to God for that. As you can see, this journey will have a great purpose and a powerful one it will be, of that I have no doubt.

I will over the next six weeks be looking at this from my perspective and sharing my thoughts with you. I greatly look forward to what God is going to reveal during the next week, and pray that He will touch the hearts of many.

Meanwhile, be good – you know you should, and if you tried you know you could.



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