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Hi gang,

Well! I hope you have all had a good week. If you have had food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to sleep you have had a truly blessed week.

Mens breakfast:

What a start to the weekend, what a breakfast, what a word!

This morning saw the men of City Praise Centre, Gravesend, doing life together by gathering at a chosen beefeater for a mens breakfast. Not the first time and it most certainly won’t be the last. We normally have an attendance of around the eighteen to twenty-two/three mark. Our highest that I can remember, is about thirty-two. Today though was special, our pastor, whom I will refer to as Tom, had a special word for us and to go with this the Lord brought along fifty men, wow! Go Jesus, go Jesus, go!

The bonding was great as usual, sitting with at least one person you have not spoken to before and getting to learn a little bit about them. That does not always happen. Sometimes some of us get wrapped up in our own little friends world, me included, and just don’t want to reach out, but there was something different about today.

Breakfast finished, for most that is, there is always the odd bit cutlery clattering in the background. Tom stood up to bring us the word that he had for the men. Lo and behold! An elderly couple came into the restaurant through the french doors at the far side of the building leading in from part of the car park. I could not hear what the lady said but that was really irrelevant, most of the men just heard Tom retort ‘I don’t work here’. As you can imagine all those expectant mighty macho men roared like the lions they are into a rib tickling, gut busting laughter, to the very slight embarrassment of the gentleman’s wife I believe. Eventually recomposed, Tom and the message got underway.


Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked for a man to stand in the gap” There was the crux of the message. Stand in the gap for the Lord and bring the word of God to His house, His children, His lost children. Brother fellow-men, be there for them, support them in times of hardship in the spiritual sense of the word. Mentor them if they are new to the fold. Let them see the six core values in you.


FAITH,                                                                                                                                                            EXCELLENCE,                                                                                                                                                DEVOTION,                                                                                                                                                        STRENGTH                                                                                                                                                         HONOUR                                                                                                                                                      CHARACTER

Pray to God and ask Him to lay on your heart, the names of at least six or more people who He wants you to be a trusted brother to.


There are three key habits that as MEN OF THE HOUSE we need to adopt.

They are:

          Let them see the word of God manifested within you by what comes out of your mouth. Partner with them. Start a new focus group and invite them along to listen to pre recorded DVDs as part of a set programme.

Attend the house of God regularly so that they can see your FAITH shine, your DEVOTION to the house, the bride of                                 Christ and your HONOUR to God. Let them see your EXCELLENCE in the word of God, your spiritual STRENGTH and your CHARACTER that has been built within you by the impact of Gods word on your life.

          Pray for your church daily, pray for the anointing of God upon your church. Bolster your six brothers up in prayer every day. Pray to God to give you the strength to allow Him to bring forth the anointing that is within you. To be the Jesus that He wants you to be for His children that do not yet know Him.
          It is not word for word as Tom gave it to us this morning, but the message is the same.
Come and join us at our church and be one of the MEN OF THE HOUSE. 
This is just part of what Tom, along with other members of our church have been talking about and praying for, to bring the men of our church inline with the word of God and make them stronger so that they can ‘stand in the gap’ for the Lord.
Don’t forget, we will now as MEN OF THE HOUSE meet every first saturday of the month and be brothers together over a high cholesterol breakfast. Amen
Another diversion then onto ‘The Right Way’
Book jacket for The Right Way by Robert O Russell
          Well, this is a slight diversion but not entirely. There is at this moment on                       a giveaway. If you know what a blog is you will probably be familiar with the term giveaway.
 It started at 8am this morning and has been sent out internationally so I have been informed. If you would like to enter to try to win a free copy, go to the above website and log in.
As the author, I have put up one book as a prize for the best post received by the host, and is worthy of first place in her opinion at the end of the giveaway run time, which I believe is two weeks from today.
 Chapter 3-Purgatory
          This was without any doubt the hardest chapter to write. It was only after I started to write that I realised, I had not managed to put this episode of my life behind me as I thought I had. All I had managed to do over the years was to bury it and bury it deeply, so I thought.
          Because God called me to write this book, I soon realised that I could not just skimp over this chapter, and I was not allowed to either. I relived many parts of it many times over the few weeks that it took to finalize, and my fiance on many occasions cradled me in her arms as the tears flowed and flowed and flowed. I came to a point where I just could not cry any more. Periods of sobbing over many days had literally cried the pain and heartache away, and in the end I knew that God had healed me from this vile act that men and women use to gain pleasure from innocent and vulnerable young children.
          Now freed from guilt from letting this happen I was ready to move on with the book. Oh no! Not yet, God was not finished yet. When God cleanses you He really cleanses you. I had to accept that I had to forgive myself before I could forgive the perpetrator, only then could God begin to rebuild me in that area of my life.
          I knew when God had cleansed me fully though because I just sat down and typed out the whole episode of what happened and not a tear was shed from my eyes, not a pain went through my heart, and I even felt compassion towards the perpetrator. Although I am totally comfortable with the memory now, I will not name names as the memory for those who loved him would be soiled for no reason.
          A scary time of my young life, yes without any doubt whatsoever. A worrying time when I got older, you bet. As I approached my fifties I was scared inside that I would actually start to abuse, but praise God that period of inner pain passed after about two years or so. I cannot fully remember because as God heals and cleanses, the dirt and rubbish is cleared away and you really cannot remember with any clarity, because it is not buried it is gone.
But there will be times when I know that God will give those thoughts back to me for a specific purpose for His glory.
What if:
          What if I did not know God, what if I was an ordinary kid with no dad, a mum who was not there for me as a mum should be.
Where would I be now. I don’t know really, and it is not a very appealing idea having to think about it. However I will as I feel that the Holy Spirit wants me to delve into the other side of things.
          Pornography I had never been into in any form, it just made me sick to my stomach which in hindsight was a blessing. Who in their right mind would want to look at pictures of young children being made to perform indecent sexual acts. But this is a road that I could easily have gone down, if God had not been at my side. The thought of having to be totally intimate with another male is inconceivable in my mind, but it could have happened. Thinking about things as I write, I am so grateful to God for taking my biological father home, otherwise things would have been so different. Yes, God is my father and I am a child of God.
          I wonder now what torment the perpetrator actually went through, did he suffer when he was a child. This sickening lifestyle is an abomination unto God and cannot be treated lightly. It needs constant prayer for the protection of young girls and boys. It also need prayer for the perpetrators as well, for they are not perverts they are ill. They have inside them an evil spirit the spirit of perversion, and this desperately needs to be prayed against, in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth.
May God bless you and your families throughout the coming week.
Look out for Poets Corner… coming soon.
Meanwhile, stay good – you know you should, and if you tried you know you could.

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